heavy lifting

When I was younger – like in high school younger – I regularly rearranged my room.  There wasn’t much I could do in my 10X12 foot space, but moving the bed between the two walls on which it would fit and replacing the nicknacks from my dresser with ones from the shelf made it feel, … More heavy lifting


Apparently chalkboard paint is all the rage, at least among in circles, and ideas for using it have been featured in dozens of design blogs, websites, and magazines. And people are not just hiding it away in their kids’ rooms, either. Some sites suggest using it as a bold statement in the entry way or … More chalkboards


How long can I safely keep my kids living in a bubble? This was the cover the the College newspaper today: Speaking as an outsider, I realize you can’t keep them safe forever; at best you can hope to instill in them a sense of pride in their bodies, respect for themselves and others, and … More bubble

grandma’s dress

My mom, one of five sisters who grew up on a dairy farm in rural North Dakota, has one studio picture taken of her during childhood. She was three years old. The picture is in black and white, a little grainy in the charming way that old photos are, with my mom sitting in the … More grandma’s dress