I do not have a sister, but if I did I’d like to think that I would feel this way about her, too. Because while I love my brothers now, I’m pretty sure that I was not this excited about them when we were the ages of Eleanor and Alice. I realize that the relationship … More sisters


When people see me they ask how the kids are doing with the adjustment to having a new sister. “Really well,” is usually my answer, “almost too well. We have to stop the serious love they want to shower her with.” And these statements are true: they do love her, they do want to shower … More adjustments

look for the helpers

Growing up and going to college in Maine, Boston was my go-to for a “big city” experience. In college, I had many friends who¬† lived just outside Boston and I spent many summers there, doing what college students do – a little of everything and nothing really at all. I loved going to Boston’s museums, … More look for the helpers


My third, and final, baby was born one week ago yesterday. She (yes she!) is amazing. Alice Margaret (Eleanor insists on using her full name) is 7 lbs 12 oz of pure joy. I know most parents – all parents – will say that about their kids, as well they should, but with Alice I … More reflections

point of no return

Tomorrow morning at 8:30 our lives will be forever changed. Tatu (that’s baby #3’s nickname, for the uninitiated) is scheduled to be delivered then. I am excited to meet this little person that has a been somersaulting around my uterus over the last many months, and ready for this debilitating sciatica to become a distant … More point of no return