the first few days

It’s true. The first few days of a new baby’s life are truly the most magical. And I’m so grateful that this time around I am confident enough, aware enough, practiced enough (?) to really be able to enjoy them. When Eleanor was born I was tired and a little overwhelmed (“what do I do … More the first few days

he is here.

Someday I will probably write about my birth experience; as a way to record feelings of the experience more than anything else. For now, all I want to do is thank everyone for their thoughts and well wishes. Our little man, Oliver, arrived Saturday night. He is healthy and beautiful and we are learning what … More he is here.

labor & delivery

Writing has (almost) always made me feel better in the past, so I decided to try it again tonight- from labor and delivery. Turns out my membranes ruptured prematurely- sometime over the last day or so (24-30 hours probably) – and this puts me at increased risk for infection, especially because it’s not clear that … More labor & delivery

a brief time-out

Today, I am 38 weeks pregnant; one full week more pregnant than I was with Eleanor. Said another way, which means exactly the same thing: I have never been more pregnant than I am right now. And I feel it – more pregnant that is; I feel like I’m waddling around everywhere, peeing every 15 … More a brief time-out


A couple of days ago I prepared a wish list of sorts; a “if I were a toddler for a day and could have all my requests met this is what I would want” list.  It included many things, some more reasonable (e.g. a quieter dishwasher) and less self-serving (e.g. to remember that there is … More mulligan

*I* want

Anyone who has children (or even a significant other) knows what it is to be needed- to have something that someone else wants. In my experience living with a toddler especially, these “things” that I have (or am perceived to have) are usually demanded requested  of me several {hundred} times each day. Take yesterday morning … More *I* want

hey, Mr. DJ

Like most (?) first time parents, Tim and I took a childbirth class during my our pregnancy with Eleanor. We spent a lot of time talking about our expectations (for the birth) and feelings, watching videos, and learning about the actual (anatomical) process of childbirth. As part of this class, we detailed a birth plan, … More hey, Mr. DJ