#3: listen to their hunger & satiety cues

When babies are born they are extremely attuned to their internal signals of hunger and fullness. When they are hungry they know, and they will let you know too! They also know when they are full, and they stop eating. This ability is so fine-tuned that – if left to determine their own intake – they will eat to within a … More #3: listen to their hunger & satiety cues

FDA says “No more trans-fats”

For someone in my line of work, especially given the work that I have been doing lately monitoring and tracking efforts nutrition initiatives in my current position, t’s hard to overstate how monumental this is: yesterday, the FDA released its final decision, requiring the food industry to ENTIRELY phase out the use of all partially hydrogenated oils (PHOs, or … More FDA says “No more trans-fats”

kizingo survey

A quick (exciting) update: I’ve started a new company, kizingo, and need your help. If you have 20 minutes, please take the following survey and let me know what you think about children’s utensils. And, if you’re so inclined, share with your friends; I’d love to collect at least 100 responses in the next 30 days. … More kizingo survey