facebook friends?

I’ve finally done it…entered the 21st century. Okay, that’s a bit of hyperbole, but today I created a facebook page for this blog. It is still in its infancy, so forgive the scarcity of what’s written/shared there (we all have to start somewhere, right?). I promise that as I begin to figure out what this … More facebook friends?

a beautiful body

Eleanor’s bedtime routine looks a little something like this: I take her upstairs for her bath or a simple hand-and-face washing if that’s all that’s necessary or we are running late (which is most evening). This hand-and-face washing usually turns into some feet washing too, which typically results in a few minutes of us hiding … More a beautiful body


I’m posting over at Examiner today; a suggestion for the figs that are on sale at the Whole Foods near me. If you can get your hands on some figs, I highly recommend it. You can see my post here, or the original here, courtesy of Design*Sponge.

chef Tim

A few weeks ago I wrote a couple of posts (here and here) for Eating Made Easy with tips for preparing healthy meals when you have kids (and thus tend to find yourself short on time). Although I think these tips are very helpful, I am guilty of not always following them myself and more … More chef Tim

seeking patience

Eleanor is two and a half years old (although if she hears me say this she corrects me, “No. I two mommy.”) which means she is testing her independence and autonomy like it was her job. Which is ultimately a good thing- because it is her job. This is exactly what she should be doing … More seeking patience


I (and Tim and Eleanor) am taking a short vacation, heading home to Maine. I was hoping I would have posts all lined up, so my readers wouldn’t suffer from the loss of a single day of my wit and insight. But I didn’t get it done; I don’t have a single one written. And … More vacationland

Things I love: little surprises for little people

I image that when you’re little it’s nice to have things that feel like they are “like you.” I mean,when you’re just three feet tall nearly everything in the world is bigger than you- taller, larger, stronger. That’s one reason these little mice (mother and father, brother and sister) are adorable, and perfect for that … More Things I love: little surprises for little people

stand up

I had a pretty unpleasant experience last Friday which left me rattled, and although I feel much better about the whole ordeal (and do not still want the perpetrator to received a swift {hard} lesson as my facebook post indicated), I have thought about it all weekend. I am 33 weeks pregnant. I have gained … More stand up