we need a plan

We talk about food and eating habits a lot at our house. It’s not uncommon to hear my six year old brag about all the colors on her plate or my three year old ask to be excused because his body is telling him that he’s full. Eleanor frequently tells me that she’s making a … More we need a plan


Tim and I made the decision not to go home (our childhood home, Maine) for Thanksgiving or Christmas this year.  We didn’t go to Maine for either of these holidays last year, but the difference is that my parents where with us for Thanksgiving and Tim’s parents for Christmas. This year it’s just the 5 … More traditions

holiday card

For those of you who don’t know my husband, this will likely not make much sense and the joke will fail to land. For those of you who do know my husband… well…this speaks for itself. I put the lights on the Christmas tree this year, so Tim was responsible for designing and ordering the … More holiday card

Hair. Styles.

Tim and I make a concerted effort not to push gendered stereotypes onto our kids. When Eleanor was our only babe we had just as many cars and blocks as we did dolls or dress-up clothes. Early on, she gravitated to things like crayons and climbing and playing with ants, which we thought was great. … More Hair. Styles.

flying solo

Tim is in Norway this week, attending a conference where – after nearly a full day of travel – he’ll give a 5 (yes, FIVE) minute conference talk. (To my knowledge, this is probably the shortest invited talk in the history of invited talks.) Seems a long way to travel for such a short presentation, … More flying solo


I do not have a sister, but if I did I’d like to think that I would feel this way about her, too. Because while I love my brothers now, I’m pretty sure that I was not this excited about them when we were the ages of Eleanor and Alice. I realize that the relationship … More sisters