lesson learned

This morning I had to make a quick stop at Target for diapers. I’ve been missing my morning croissant, and the one behind the glass case at the Starbucks in Target was taunting me while I waited for my coffee. Take it from me: when you’ve just come back from a place known for its … More lesson learned

an observation

Over the last few days in France, I have eaten comparatively little. In fact, on Sunday, I had only eaten a crepe by 3:00 pm. The thing is, I wan’t hungry. I was walking all over Paris, and not hungry. In fact, I felt very healthy. I don’t mean to suggest that not eating is … More an observation

T minus 6 hours

At 2:00 this afternoon, Tim and I are boarding a plane, without kids, for our first trip together since Eleanor was born 5 years ago. We are going to France for one week. Tim has a conference for part of that time, so it seemed like a good opportunity have a part of our trip … More T minus 6 hours