friends, with kids

A month or so after moving to NC, Tim and I still hadn’t found jobs. Broke and friendless, we spent countless days sitting in our apartment (it was the middle of summer, so not conducive to outdoor exploration which had neither purpose or direction) and we very quickly tired of staring at each other for … More friends, with kids

Presidents’ Day

Every third Monday in February our nation celebrates Presidents’ Day. Really? Presidents’ Day? What have these guys done that’s so worthy of celebration? Successfully lifting our country from the depths of crippling recession;  ending slavery;  establishing our 2-term limit on the presidency; establishing a national bank; giving American Indians citizenship; starting social security; setting fair … More Presidents’ Day

what do you do?

You know the scenario well. You’re at a party [playgroup, meeting, sitting next to a stranger on an airplane…]. The person introduces themselves to you, and asks your name. “Nice to meet you,” they smile politely. “What do you do?” Those three (I know there are four there, but one’s a repeat)  little words pack … More what do you do?

quinoa cereal

Quick update, in case anyone was sitting breathless waiting to see what kinds of alternative breakfasts I came up with to replace my almond butter/banana rice cakes. Per a suggestion from a faithful reader, I made a warm quinoa cereal with dried cranberries, almonds, and cashews.  I really liked it, and Little E couldn’t get … More quinoa cereal