third time ’round

In need of two eggs for dinner, I ran over to our neighbors’ house the other night. Jenny and I chatted for a while inside her door as she pulled the eggs from the fridge. “How are you feeling?” she asked, nodding to my stomach. “And how far along are you now?”I stumbled and stuttered … More third time ’round


I grew up in a family of five. Until I was a junior in college (at which point I finally relinquished it) my brothers shared a bedroom, and it wasn’t until my parents moved (when I was out of college and my youngest brother a senior in high school) that they had a house with … More sharing

food on the brain

I can’t believe that the last time I posted was before Christmas. Seriously? I’ve been busy…but not that busy. Truth is, the free time I have had for thinking about writing – and actually writing – has been spend thinking about writing about food.  And since I started writing about food elsewhere, this blog has … More food on the brain