{I feel a bit like a broken record} A post I shared years ago has recently come to people’s attention again and the responses I’ve received (and the requests to share and re-share the post) have been positively overwhelming. Most recently, I was contacted by BeauCoo, a website whose mission is to promote healthy body … More #BoPo

Smart Eating For Kids

An old friend of mine from high school founded and writes for the website Smart Eating For Kids, a website that believes that healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle, is attainable by anyone. I’ve been looking for ways to do more writing (on sites that get more traffic than mine), and Kate graciously offered to … More Smart Eating For Kids

flying solo

Tim is in Norway this week, attending a conference where – after nearly a full day of travel – he’ll give a 5 (yes, FIVE) minute conference talk. (To my knowledge, this is probably the shortest invited talk in the history of invited talks.) Seems a long way to travel for such a short presentation, … More flying solo


When we first arrived in Tanzania (a lifetime ago!) I put an email out on the Meat King list serve (Meat King was an expat owned butcher shop that maintained a listserve for other expats) asking if anyone had recommendations for a reliable, trustworthy nanny. Rebecca responded saying that she had a woman who worked … More visitors