nutrition education

{image via} According to an article I read yesterday, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand is unequivocally opposed to sin taxes on soda and junk food. Calling them regressive (they are more likely to burden lower income individuals, because they are more likely to buy these foods), she has also noted that it can be difficult to draw the line between what … More nutrition education

we need a plan

We talk about food and eating habits a lot at our house. It’s not uncommon to hear my six year old brag about all the colors on her plate or my three year old ask to be excused because his body is telling him that he’s full. Eleanor frequently tells me that she’s making a … More we need a plan

grocery lists

I am a list maker: To Do lists, Remember lists, Birthday Gift lists, Project Ideas lists, Must Read lists. They all find their way to my trusty yellow-lined pad of paper.  I am a list maker because I like crossing things off my lists. I like doing this so much that I will often add things to my list after doing them just so I can … More grocery lists

meal planning

Although I recently wrote about why you shouldn’t plan for things, I DO think you should plan your weekly meals. There are many reasons to create a meal plan each week: making a plan requires that you look through the pantry to see what you already have, you waste less food because you are regularly checking the back … More meal planning

gathering resources

In an effort to create a strategy forward – through this haze and uncertainty – I’ve picked up two books. One was recommended by a very talented young man who suggested that I would benefit greatly from reading the book. It’s called Rework. What I (already) love about it is that it cuts right to … More gathering resources