planning is for the birds

“…Writing a plan makes you feel in control of things that you can’t actually control. Why don’t we just call plans what they really are: guesses. Start referring to your business plans as business guesses, financial plans as financial guesses…Plans let the past drive the future. They put blinders on you…Plans are inconsistent with improvisation. And you have to be able to improvise…Sometimes you need to say. ‘We’re going in a new direction because that’s what makes sense today.” (Rework, page 19)


That’s what makes sense TODAY.

This really struck me. Good business practices aside, this statement “We’re going to do this because that’s what makes sense TODAY” totally resonated with me because this is how I live every (without doing it intentionally!). 

I planned early morning hours for writing, but then the kids started staying at home with a nanny and my plans had to switch to use the time for preparing snacks and lunches. I planned to run every Thursday at 4:00, but the last 4 weeks it has been snowing or pouring rain (no joke). I plan for chili but forget to buy chili powder. A plan in this house is definitely a guess. 

This I suppose this is just one of many ways that motherhood – parenthood – prepares you for founding and running your own business.

Hopefully it’s not the only way.  


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