family dinner

While sitting around the table as a family, bowls of steaming spaghetti in front of us, the warm breeze coming in the open windows, the following occurred: Eleanor {slapping her forehead with her hand}: “damn it!” Oliver {laughing hysterically}: “Damn it!” (as he also slaps his forehead with his hand.) “Damn it! Damn it!” Eleanor: … More family dinner

a mom of three

I’ve been reading back through some old posts (here and here); posts that I put up when I was the mother to one child – one young child who slept through the night – and I am struck by how much time I had to metabolize the parenting experiences I was having. I had time … More a mom of three


There has been a spate of illness in our house recently: nasty colds with copious amounts of thick green mucus and lots of unproductive coughing. The kids were further hit by high fevers which, although they can be alarming at times, I prefer to (productive or unproductive) coughing any day. Coughing keeps me up at … More creativity


I am trying to keep my personal and “professional” writing as separate as possible, which is why I’ve stopped updating this site every time I post something elsewhere on the {great and powerful} world wide web. But, today I feel compelled to share a post I recently wrote for Mind Positive Parenting. The post is … More advertising

toilet training

I have poop and pee on the brain these days. (If only I had a nickle for every time I said the word poop…) A few months ago,  while getting ready for school (preschool, aka. daycare on steroids), Eleanor announced that she wanted to wear underwear. So I let her. Why the hell not? (I … More toilet training


A dear friend, who has just returned to work after maternity leave (for her first baby), sent a text message this morning: “…I’m heading in for my second day. It feels chaotic right now but I know it will get better. I feel like I’m driving without any brakes.” Ah yes. Welcome to parenthood.


How long can I safely keep my kids living in a bubble? This was the cover the the College newspaper today: Speaking as an outsider, I realize you can’t keep them safe forever; at best you can hope to instill in them a sense of pride in their bodies, respect for themselves and others, and … More bubble

a beautiful body

Eleanor’s bedtime routine looks a little something like this: I take her upstairs for her bath or a simple hand-and-face washing if that’s all that’s necessary or we are running late (which is most evening). This hand-and-face washing usually turns into some feet washing too, which typically results in a few minutes of us hiding … More a beautiful body