I find myself at a bit of a crossroads; faced with a decision that feels monumental but which is, in the grand scheme of things, just a choice between a good option and another good option. (Given what some people are facing in their lives suggesting that this is a difficult place to be is … More crossroads


{During the move from the old website to this one, I came across this post. I drafted it a few months after our return from Tanzania – back in 2011 – but for some reason never posted it. Rereading it I can tell you that I still have these feelings: of missing time. Missing the … More distractions

false alarm

Sorry for the false alarm this morning. I don’t have a new post for you just yet, but I am working on something that is pretty exciting. It’ll be ready for it’s unveiling in about a week, so keep coming back! Related to that, does anyone know a good web designer who would be willing … More false alarm

Happy New Year!

Christmas was a quiet affair at our house this year, which is not to say that we haven’t been busy. With all three kids out of school/daycare for the last two weeks it has actually been nothing short of crazy here. But that’s nothing new. There’s been a lot of cooking, reading, coloring, truck driving, … More Happy New Year!