nutrition education

{image via} According to an article I read yesterday, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand is unequivocally opposed to sin taxes on soda and junk food. Calling them regressive (they are more likely to burden lower income individuals, because they are more likely to buy these foods), she has also noted that it can be difficult to draw the line between what … More nutrition education

magic fingers

I am not that technologically disinclined, but I have no idea how I manage to keep doing this in the middle of the night. Once again – and this is not a first – I managed to capture my screen. The first time I did this, it was my lock screen with my 4:00 am … More magic fingers


{During the move from the old website to this one, I came across this post. I drafted it a few months after our return from Tanzania – back in 2011 – but for some reason never posted it. Rereading it I can tell you that I still have these feelings: of missing time. Missing the … More distractions

false alarm

Sorry for the false alarm this morning. I don’t have a new post for you just yet, but I am working on something that is pretty exciting. It’ll be ready for it’s unveiling in about a week, so keep coming back! Related to that, does anyone know a good web designer who would be willing … More false alarm

Happy New Year!

Christmas was a quiet affair at our house this year, which is not to say that we haven’t been busy. With all three kids out of school/daycare for the last two weeks it has actually been nothing short of crazy here. But that’s nothing new. There’s been a lot of cooking, reading, coloring, truck driving, … More Happy New Year!


For the last month, someone in our family has been sick. It started with Tim and I – sinus infections, turned viral infections – and moved Oliver and Eleanor who had high fevers for a week. Last night, Alice woke up ever hour or so crying, unable to get comfortable. She was congested and coughing … More Gold