giving thanks

There are many things that I am grateful for today. My husband and I have gainful employment, we can pay our bills, we have a roof over our heads and heat in our house. Tim likes his job – he is supported and affirmed every day. I have recently been given the opportunity to explore … More giving thanks

tastes of fall

I’ve been wanting to put a recipe up over at Just Add Spinach for a while now (although it feels like I’ve been tossing ideas around for just a few days, it’s probably, realistically, closer to several weeks) but when it came time to put pen to paper {so to speak}, I couldn’t decide on … More tastes of fall

i voted

No matter who you voted for or how you feel today about the outcome of your state’s referendums or constitutional amendments you cannot deny that yesterday was a big day. Election day. Tim and I have always hoped that the fact that we discuss things (like politics) in the open, around our children, will inevitably … More i voted