gathering resources

In an effort to create a strategy forward – through this haze and uncertainty – I’ve picked up two books. One was recommended by a very talented young man who suggested that I would benefit greatly from reading the book. It’s called Rework. What I (already) love about it is that it cuts right to … More gathering resources

game changer

A friend recently forward me a post from Zen Habits. It was a guest post from a woman named Jennifer Gresham who maintains a site called Everyday Bright. when I finished reading, I realized that I had been chewing my nails the whole time. Jennifer was writing about her decision to leave her academic position. … More game changer


{I feel a bit like a broken record} A post I shared years ago has recently come to people’s attention again and the responses I’ve received (and the requests to share and re-share the post) have been positively overwhelming. Most recently, I was contacted by BeauCoo, a website whose mission is to promote healthy body … More #BoPo


Alanis Morissette (remember her?) had a song, Ironic, that drove (still drives?) Tim crazy. “Having 10,000 spoons when all you need is a knife is not ironic” he’d complain. “Neither is rain on your wedding day!” He’d usually follow up with what he thought was a good example of irony, and I’d nod my head. … More irony

interview prep

This past week our family – along with my mother-in-law (for babysitting back-up) – took a trip: three and a half hours up the road to Blacksburg, VA. Tim has been offered a position in the Department of Geography (yeah!) at VA Tech, but he hasn’t been able to accept the position – or even … More interview prep

resources, homies

I have to pass this along. Not because I think you should vote (although I’m sure the finalists wouldn’t mind if you did. I know I wouldn’t if I were a finalist), but because there are just way too many incredible resources available in a single link to NOT share it with you. I would … More resources, homies