We had Eleanor’s party this weekend. In hindsight it was totally unnecessary (she was perfectly happy with the way we celebrated with her on the actual day), but it was fun nonetheless. Three other friends (all boys) and their parents (and one younger sister, who is Oliver’s age) joined us for an afternoon of grilling … More overkill?

station break

It’s going to be quite here for a while; life just went from moving at 16 to 60 mph in a matter of minutes. I hope to be back online in a couple of weeks, and may occasionally pop my head in, but don’t expect much from me. I hate to do this, just when … More station break

food dyes

I have not had much time for writing these days, which I feel sad about because there are some important topics (mainly VBACs and fashion…ever thought those two things would be uttered in the same sentence?) that I’ve been excited (wait, is that the right word?) to share with you. But today I lecture on … More food dyes