interview prep

This past week our family – along with my mother-in-law (for babysitting back-up) – took a trip: three and a half hours up the road to Blacksburg, VA. Tim has been offered a position in the Department of Geography (yeah!) at VA Tech, but he hasn’t been able to accept the position – or even … More interview prep

toilet training

I have poop and pee on the brain these days. (If only I had a nickle for every time I said the word poop…) A few months ago,  while getting ready for school (preschool, aka. daycare on steroids), Eleanor announced that she wanted to wear underwear. So I let her. Why the hell not? (I … More toilet training


A dear friend, who has just returned to work after maternity leave (for her first baby), sent a text message this morning: “…I’m heading in for my second day. It feels chaotic right now but I know it will get better. I feel like I’m driving without any brakes.” Ah yes. Welcome to parenthood.


I told you that I’d be MIA for a while, but then I continued to write (5 more times, actually) so I wonder if my recent disappearance had anyone worried. No? I suspected as much. Tim and I have been applying for jobs (more to come, so don’t ask. Please God, don’t ask), so between … More distractions