CSA Wednesday

I am recovering from a nasty, nasty bug- something that landed me in the hospital and still has me eating little more than toast and bananas (which also attacked Tim and Eleanor, although with much less vigor and far less dire consequences- thankfully!). On Friday morning, at 3:00 am, I am leaving my house, husband … More CSA Wednesday

in the spotlight

If I only have three minutes of fame, does that mean that at some point in the future I still have time for 12 more? This morning I did my first live (Eek!) interview with…well, with anyone. I’ve done a couple of taped (voice only) interviews before, and provided written feedback for journalists, but this … More in the spotlight


I really enjoyed my first pregnancy. This one…well…let’s just say it’s pretty different. Certainly there are many possible reasons why pregnancy #2 is different from #1, not the least of which is that it is an entirely different pregnancy and no two pregnancies are the same (duh!). This time I’m growing a little baby boy, … More TKO

avuncular advice

After sending an email recently to my parents, in-laws and brothers tipping them off to a sale on See Kai Run shoes from Zulily (should they be, already, seeking Christmas gift ideas for their grandchildren/niece/nephew) my youngest brother and I had the following exchange, which I felt it prudent to share. {Kean}: its really weird … More avuncular advice