The Saturday past (May 11th) was UNC’s doctoral hooding: a special recognition ceremony for doctoral degree candidates during which a faculty advisor and the Chancellor of the University place the doctoral hood over the head of the graduate, signifying his or her success in completing the graduate program. After introductions and a speech by Marc … More hooded

weekend distractions

Nothing pressing to do this weekend? Here are a few links to help you pass the time: I’ve been eying this adorable girls top and these colorful animal plates from The Pippa & Ike Show. Enjoy short bursts of laughter courtesy of theshortestblogintheworld. Like this post, for example. Have a daughter? Read this. Then, when … More weekend distractions

do not buy these

Consider yourself warned: the Dark Chocolate Almonds from Trader Joes should not be purchased unless under extreme duress. As the dark Belgian chocolate tickles the tastebuds on the tip of your tongue you bite (with a perfect crunch) into an oven roasted almond. The sweetness of the chocolate is followed by a kick of salted … More do not buy these

eat the dragon

What’s the likelihood that the issue of kids not eating, or wanting to eat, their vegetables is because of their name. I mean, really, which would you rather eat: Brussles sprouts or Fruity Pebbles? Lentils or Goldfish? The other day Eleanor came home from school and requested carrots dragon for a snack. I was confused, … More eat the dragon


Music is often playing in our house; thanks in no part to me and entirely because I have a husband who has great taste in music. He keeps us rocking-out (to use a phrase he taught Eleanor). Daily. Eleanor does her fair share of keeping us singing as well. There are the usual (Itsy-Bitsy Spider, … More sing-a-long