things I love: succulants and river rocks

For some reason I find myself really (absurdly) drawn to all things succulant and river rock lately. When I’m pumping {Kwuthump, rrrrrr} I’ll often poke around on facebook twitter pinterest. I can’t help myself. I’m left one handed for a solid 15 minutes and can’t really think of working, what with my breasts exposed and … More things I love: succulants and river rocks

heavy lifting

When I was younger – like in high school younger – I regularly rearranged my room.  There wasn’t much I could do in my 10X12 foot space, but moving the bed between the two walls on which it would fit and replacing the nicknacks from my dresser with ones from the shelf made it feel, … More heavy lifting


Apparently chalkboard paint is all the rage, at least among in circles, and ideas for using it have been featured in dozens of design blogs, websites, and magazines. And people are not just hiding it away in their kids’ rooms, either. Some sites suggest using it as a bold statement in the entry way or … More chalkboards

family job chart

We love Eleanor’s school (TLS) for many, many (MANY) reasons, but one of the overarching reasons we love having her attend is their philosophy about early childhood education: namely their integration of the Five Big Ideas in education. One of these is Conscious Discipline (developed by Dr. Becky Bailey); a classroom management system and social-emotional … More family job chart

reading corner

At The Little School (which is where Eleanor attends daycare), each classroom has a special space where children can curl up with a good book. I suspect that these reading corners are pretty similar throughout the rooms, but in Eleanor’s classroom specifically this is a space that has large pillows, a soft rug, and shelves … More reading corner