a mom of three

I’ve been reading back through some old posts (here and here); posts that I put up when I was the mother to one child – one young child who slept through the night – and I am struck by how much time I had to metabolize the parenting experiences I was having. I had time … More a mom of three


Tim and I made the decision not to go home (our childhood home, Maine) for Thanksgiving or Christmas this year.  We didn’t go to Maine for either of these holidays last year, but the difference is that my parents where with us for Thanksgiving and Tim’s parents for Christmas. This year it’s just the 5 … More traditions

holiday card

For those of you who don’t know my husband, this will likely not make much sense and the joke will fail to land. For those of you who do know my husband… well…this speaks for itself. I put the lights on the Christmas tree this year, so Tim was responsible for designing and ordering the … More holiday card


For the last month, someone in our family has been sick. It started with Tim and I – sinus infections, turned viral infections – and moved Oliver and Eleanor who had high fevers for a week. Last night, Alice woke up ever hour or so crying, unable to get comfortable. She was congested and coughing … More Gold