happy halloween

Eleanor has been remarkably consistent in her desire to be a princess for Halloween this year. No matter how many time we ask, no matter how many other costumes we explore, “princess” is her answer. “What is a princess?” we ask her curiously. “A little girl who wears dresses and likes to dance,” is usually … More happy halloween


One year ago (yesterday) our lives were made more full by the arrival of this beautiful baby boy; and he was an instant hit around here. Not really knowing anyone but our neighbors we kept his party a small affair (aka. just the four of us), but I think Oliver was okay with that. There … More one


I listen to NPR. A lot. I turn it on first thing in the morning. I listen while I’m cooking dinner. I listen to it – exclusively – in the car (unless the kids want to hear some of their favorite albums). I grew to especially love WUNC – Chapel Hill’s NPR station – because … More npr

nutritional comparisons

Rebecca, my partner in crime, has a goal of getting her daughter to eat more salad because it “seems like salad packs a bigger nutritional punch than just a single cooked veggie.” I wasn’t so sure that was true. So I looked into it. Curious, learn more here.

da’ bomb

So, I feel that my last post deserves at least a short follow-up (although I promise that this blog will not turn into baby blog central- all baby all the time). Yes, I’m pregnant. I’m sure that many of you have questions/comments racing through your head like: “Are you effing crazy? Did you plan this?” … More da’ bomb

just add spinach

It’s all my friend Rebecca’s fault. She convinced me that I should start writing {another} blog with her – this one about food – since our time living in Arusha, Tanzania together was spent almost exclusively talking about one of two things: (1) where you could get good diapers (she has a daughter that is … More just add spinach