reader’s poll

Okay friends. It’s time for you to write to me. I need new inspiration- new cooking inspiration. So tell me, what is your favorite, your most well-loved, your “I cannot live without this book; I use it all the time and the recipes are fabulous and they always seem to {magically} work with the ingredients … More reader’s poll

CSA Wednesday

I know, I missed last week’s CSA Wednesday post. It’s just that I’ve not been motivated to search for recipes, or to cook, really. And although most of you probably didn’t notice, I think there might at least be one person (KO) who reads these CSA Wednesday posts and uses them for ideas…maybe. This week, … More CSA Wednesday

B&A: for reals?

I’m a fan of B&A projects (that’s before & after, for the uninitiated) but this one is nothing short of absurd. I can’t tell if I’m outraged or envious. Although, with statements like this included in the description “Time: 1 year. Cost: $500k” I think outrageously envious is probably the more appropriate sentiment. Do I … More B&A: for reals?


I’m over at Examiner again today, trying to get you interesting, engaged and involved in the Slow Food Movement. Come check it out, leave a comment and let me know what you think. I love comments.

Books: {The ABCs of Rock}, a challenge and give-away

Several months ago I stumbled across a website (maintained by Chenin) called Fudge Banana Swirl, which quickly became bookmarked in my “@daily” (which means check me daily!) folder. One of the first posts I read was in Chenin’s “I love” series (which was also part of the inspiration behind my “Things I love” series), and … More Books: {The ABCs of Rock}, a challenge and give-away