I recently stumbled across this blog, theshortestblogintheworld, a self-described blog in “handy bite-sized pieces” for “The busy. The lazy. The lethargic. The impatient.” This pretty much sums me up these days- at least the busy (work, kids, big new house, blah, blah, blah…) and impatient (to make friends, find my grove, get out of debt, … More thoughts

happy weekend

Since we’ve moved I don’t really find myself as excited by the weekend. Sure, I get to turn off my computer and have the whole day with my kids and husband, but we don’t know what to do with ourselves anymore. Our weekends used to be filled with impromtu dinner parties, play dates at the … More happy weekend

turkey town

I attended a small liberal arts college whose mascot was a polar bear. One of our early graduates (and when I say early I mean class of 1889 early) was an arctic explorer and a polar bear was requested of him by the then athletic director. (Commenting on the extraordinary [?] success of the Bowdoin … More turkey town

still looking

Apparently, Eleanor is not quite content with our new house (or she’s just prematurely preparing for her own departure) because she’s been reading this for the last three days: (Today, she pointed to a page with three floor plans, laid out side-by-side. “This is our house,” she said. Then, pointing to the next floor plans … More still looking

happy weekend

Yesterday, my internet decided it was going to test my willpower. And my patience. I spent ALL DAY trying to figure out why my previously working internet was not talking to my computers anymore. I figured it out, but barely. (And not without spending a pretty penny for technical assistance – thank you to all … More happy weekend


It’s official, we are one week into being Virginians. The last time Tim and I moved we were 6 years younger and childless. Needless to say this was a totally different experience. But the kids have been remarkably adaptable and good natured and we had the amazing fortune to have my parents in town for … More virginians