I recently stumbled across this blog, theshortestblogintheworld, a self-described blog in “handy bite-sized pieces” for “The busy. The lazy. The lethargic. The impatient.” This pretty much sums me up these days- at least the busy (work, kids, big new house, blah, blah, blah…) and impatient (to make friends, find my grove, get out of debt, blah, blah, blah…) parts.
Since I can’t seem to get out of my own way to write a post this week, I thought I would take my cue from Amy and give you a smattering of random thoughts. Straight from my head to yours. I apologize in advance.

  • I love that I can breastfeed my children. I hate – loathe- pumping these days. It seems to just get in the way of everything.
  • I get unusually, uncharacteristically, unnecessarily excited about the Olympics. Yes, I’m looking froward to seeing the first lady lead our athletes into the area tonight. Yes, I will sit on the edge of my seat during the swimming events. Yes, I’ve already prepped Eleanor for what the long-jump is. No, I did not want to learn how to work the new DVR to record it all (so maybe I’m not that big a fan…).
  • I love working from home. L.O.V.E it.
  • I wish I wasn’t working from home because maybe I’d have an excuse to talk to people that are not my child’s preschool teacher. Or my husband.
  • Tim actually did put his boss and our real estate agent as emergency contacts at Oliver’s doctor’s appointment last week.
  • I will never make this again. I made a version of it last week (with some Joy of Life chocolate chips added for good measure), and then preceded to eat (very nearly) the entire loaf all by my lonesome because it was so damn good.
  • There is a little boy in Eleanor’s class who Tim and I often see sitting in the “principal’s” office when we go to get her in the afternoon. Her classroom feels chaotic, and somewhat uninspired. We’re having second thoughts.
  • I have a landline again. (You know, for the phone.) Did you know those things still existed? I’m thinking of getting this for the house. (Speaking of which, did you know you can turn your iPhone into a rotary phone? Pretty cool, no? My favorite iPhone accessory, however, is still this.)
  • We’re feeling pretty excited that this is so close to us. (It’s not Lego Land, but we’re thinking about trying to score some tickets for the weekend.)
  • My family’s rented a house here for a week of SCUBA diving this January. January cannot come soon enough.
  • I miss my old life. I am excited about the possibilities in the new one.
  • Oliver is 9 months old. Holy crap; when did that happen?

Happy weekend all.



5 thoughts on “thoughts

  1. There’s a lot there, Kiyah . . . A response to a few: 1) Floyd Fest looks AWESOME–hope you can see Allison Krause! 2) Oliver is 9 months old already? Whatever the age, he’s just to dang cute for his own good! Have a great weekend in your new environs. We’ll be thinking of you as we watch Opening Ceremonies!


  2. You take such wonderful pictures. I used to be pretty good with photography (especially artsy/abstract work) but I have so much trouble getting decent pictures of my daughter 2 1/2.


    1. Thanks Shawn. I can’t really get a good picture of my 3 1/2 year old either, so you’re not alone. Oliver doesn’t really move around much yet, so he’s a little easier to capture on “film”.


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