It’s official, we are one week into being Virginians.
The last time Tim and I moved we were 6 years younger and childless. Needless to say this was a totally different experience. But the kids have been remarkably adaptable and good natured and we had the amazing fortune to have my parents in town for the whole week. There is no hyperbole when I say that we could not have done this without them…at least not with all our faculties in tact. (We also couldn’t have done it without our agent in VA or NC, who were both AMAZING, so a special shout out to them).

There is still A LOT to be done before everything is “in its place”, but we are making progress everyday. We’ve even had time to fit in a few little “completely unnecessary but look how nicely that dresses up the room” projects (which I’ll write about in the weeks to come).

Eleanor and Oliver have started at school and, par for the course with that old “kids just keep you guessing” adage, Eleanor has had a remarkably smooth adjustment while things are proving a little more difficult for Oliver. I was sure it would be the other way around. Tim is settling into his new office, too. He apparently has two computer monitors which (when taken together) are larger than our flat screen television (which isn’t actually all that big, but still), and he’s pulled nearly everything African from our stuff to decorate the walls and shelves. He has a lovely dogwood outside his window and terrible cell reception.

I have twice visited the farmers’ market and twice broken my no gluten or dairy rule: once for a corn peach muffin that was to die for and once for fresh mozzarella and heirloom tomatoes for caprese salad. (But you’ll forgive me, right? I mean, who can say no to those corn peach muffins and fresh caprese salad?) Today was my first full day back in the “office”, which (for the time being) is the computer/desk alcove in the kitchen. I had my phone playing WUNC all day and the coffee pot was just eight feet away. (I can safely say that if there’s one thing that I will NOT miss from my old office it’s CPC coffee.)

I’m still trying to organize the few photos I managed to capture from the past week. Despite my most concerted half-assed efforts to keep the camera handy, it ended up packed away and wasn’t found until a few days into the unpacking process so pics are limited. I also realized, a few steps into many of the aforementioned “completely unnecessary but look how nicely that dresses up the room” projects that I didn’t take any before pictures, so it’s a good thing I’m not a DIY home improvement blogger.

We have a guest room (with a real bed!) and a social calendar that is completely empty (as an example of how few people we know,  when filling in the kids’ daycare forms I was told that my two emergency contacts HAD to be local so I listed Tim’s boss and our real estate agent. Nice.) I’m just saying…

Home sweet home.

In the first few days, much of the house looked like this:

and this:

but under the master bath cabinet looked like this:

Go figure.

But in the days that followed things began to take shape, and went from this:

to this:

A garage full of boxes, but tools all in their place.

rhubarb in the yard.

first look at his new (empty) office.

and we’re already personalizing the front steps (remind you of anything?)

5 thoughts on “virginians

  1. We would not have missed the week with the family for anything in the world. The heat was an added factor to making the move as well. Miss you all lots. Mom


  2. I hope that you like VA. Brady and I miss so many aspects of it, mostly the landscape and the autumn colors. The Blue Ridge Parkway and the National Jefferson Forest are both worth you while if you need to get out, even just for an afternoon picnic.


    1. Thanks Kelsie. We are very much looking forward to exploring the “world” outside our house. The drive up here (from NC) was beautiful; I can’t wait to see it this fall. You still in Germany?


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