happy weekend

Yesterday, my internet decided it was going to test my willpower. And my patience. I spent ALL DAY trying to figure out why my previously working internet was not talking to my computers anymore. I figured it out, but barely. (And not without spending a pretty penny for technical assistance – thank you to all 5 (FIVE) of the tech support staff I spoke with yesterday – and a new wireless router. But we’re back online here on Asher Lane, and bringing you some links for the weekend. I started collecting these before the move, so if you’ve seen some of these links already, well…that’s just too bad.

Another wonderful charity worthy of support.

A touching story about the kindness of strangers.

Because I can’t go diving everyday.

In case you needed a reason to enjoy your morning latte.

Marathon (or half) in your future? This might help.

All things here = loving, love, love.

My plan for some of the moving boxes.

Best kids’ clothing sale (all things organic starting at just $10!) ever.

A parent of boys? Help encourage them to have healthy friendships.

A reason you should ALWAYS advocate for your children.

Beautiful, inspirational, talent.

Make this. Trust me.

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4 thoughts on “happy weekend

  1. Aw, thank you so much for linking to my apricot glazed almond recipe. I love that you love it.
    Wishing you a relaxing weekend devoid of internet snafus.


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