While I’m sure the masses don’t miss me, I thought I would at least openly recognize my recent hiatus and reassure any of you who are wondering that my absence is not permanent. I will return. Soon.

you’ve got mail

I am a fan of the television show Glee; it is one of my guilty pleasures. As most television programs are, this show is a tiny bit oversimplified and an over stereotyped version of an actual high school as one would experience it today. But those stereotypes and representations of reality are based on some … More you’ve got mail


When I was pregnant I started receiving weekly newsletters from Baby Center which provided weekly updates about the development that the fetus (and I) were going through. Since Little E was born, I have continued to receive those emails- weekly reminders of what my daughter is experiencing and how we, as parents, can learn to … More lying

a 2nd birthday

For Little E’s first birthday, we had a small party for the house staff in Tanzania who, in the few short months we had been in Arusha, already showed immense love and tenderness toward her. We had a most delicious three-layer chocolate mousse cake. She didn’t eat a bite. On Saturday, we had a small … More a 2nd birthday

little personalities

When we were in Tanzania Little E was obsessed with motorcycles. They were everywhere (an inexpensive make coming from China was viewed as people’s ticket to riches, so the number of motor bikes on Arusha roads had risen exponentially in the few months prior to our arrival) and whenever we saw one she would point … More little personalities