a 2nd birthday

For Little E’s first birthday, we had a small party for the house staff in Tanzania who, in the few short months we had been in Arusha, already showed immense love and tenderness toward her. We had a most delicious three-layer chocolate mousse cake. She didn’t eat a bite.
On Saturday, we had a small gathering with a few friends (most of whom also have children E’s age). The “lawn” at the coop made for a great place to run, and the kids enjoyed the beautiful weather. For this party, I made vanilla cupcakes, complete with mounds of vanilla frosting (not too sweet) and decorated with paper butterflies, caterpillars, lady bugs, bumble bees, and flowers. She had a bite or two and was done.

Yesterday was E’s official 2nd birthday. Her day of birth. We had another (another!) small gathering for our neighbors (something we have been meaning to do since we returned from Tanzania). This time I was not messing around. I wanted a have cake that she was sure to eat. So, I took two flavors of ice cream, melted them slightly and refroze them in a big bowl- with a layer of crushed chocolate animal cookies in between. E asked for seconds. For all those who celebrated with us, thank you for sharing in the fun. For those who were not here, you were missed. we’ll have another ice cream cake when you come.

Happy 2nd Birthday Little E!

One year ago, yesterday; Arusha, Tanzania.

Ready for baking,

and for frosting.

A new tea set from Grammy and Grandpa.

Licking mom’s nose…

…fully capturing the moment.

Igloo ice cream cake (admittedly, not my best photo, but it was melting, so no time to waste!)

Happy 2nd Birthday.


5 thoughts on “a 2nd birthday

  1. Thanks for this post. I can see why the igloo ice cream cakes were a hit–Mmmm! We missed not being with you all yesterday . . . but look forward to catching up VERY SOON! (And making up for the birthday!) What a lot of changes in the past year! Ever feel exhausted? Dad


    1. That’s a good one dad! The better question would be ever NOT feel exhausted?! We also can’t wait to have you guys here- and for such a lovely time of the year. I’m not sure we’re going to let you go to SC for the weekend, even if you really really want to 😉


  2. I can’t beleive Little E is already 2! Time just seems to go by so quickly. A whole year has passed since I was looking at the pictures from her first birthday. I would be into a dome ice cream cake too! Triple chocolate doesn’t sound so bad either. Love you guys


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