the deadliest stroller?

I have a jogging stroller. It’s called The BOB. I love it. Love. It. It costs an arm and a leg, an amount that no self-respecting person should ever pay for a stroller.  But I did pay it and it was totally worth it. When E was younger (and immobile) she and I would go for a run together everyday. She didn’t always love the BOB, but she tolerated it. And she’s come to like it again, under certain conditions. For example, two mornings ago she was up before the sun; it was 60 degrees outside, and I was able to convince her that we should go for a run together but that she would have to ride in the BOB because it was dark and I needed her to be safe. (Because she loves being outside) She agreed, and she sat happily eating her O’s cereal with Eeyore stuffed animal on one side and her water bottle on the other. That afternoon, however, when she and her dad wanted to walk to the grocery store to meet me after work, she wanted nothing to do with The BOB. “WALK,” she demanded. And so she did.
Last night a friend sent an email informing me of a recall on my beloved stroller. The top of the stroller has a small drawstring pull cord which keeps the sun shade scrunched tightly when it’s not in use. I think I have used this cord once. Maybe. The stroller has been recalled (337,000 in the U.S. and 20,000 in Canada) due to a single reported instance of an 11 month old getting caught up in the cord, and needing to be freed from it by her mother.

I don’t mean to sound like I’m against child safety. I don’t let my child play with sharp knives, or stick forks in wall outlets, or watch TV while she takes a bath. And it would have been an unspeakable tragedy if the aforementioned child had died. I cannot imagine it. BUT….

Isn’t this a little nit ridiculous? I have been looking at my own BOB and can’t really figure how a child would get terribly tangled in this drawstring. Are people using the stroller like a babysitter? Leaving their children in it, unattended, for hours at a time? Is this child a natural contortionist? How much money is going to be spent on a recall like this? Accelerator pedals that stick in the down position- TOTALLY pay to have those suckers replaced, on every possible car in which it’s a problem. Little drawstrings that can be easily tucked away, hidden from a child’s small hands and thus out of harms way, especially when parents are paying attention- wouldn’t a “hey, this is possible” notice suffice?

I do not mean to suggest that the parents of this child are bad parents, negligent and careless. I merely want  to make the observation that this seems like another example of slight overreaction in our overly litigious society. Like suing a coffee shop for burns received when you spilled your coffee out of the take-away cup because you were trying to drink (coffee), and talk on your cell phone, and drive at the same time.

The drawstring in question.


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