sweet beets!

How often do you hear stories about children who do not want to eat their vegetables? If you’re my brother, a single guy with (mostly) single friends, the answer is probably “not often, actually”, but if you’re a parent, or know parents, or spend anytime talking to parents this topic is likely to come up. … More sweet beets!

as if you needed another reason to eat cumin

Reactive oxygen species, also known as free radicals, are produced as part of the natural metabolic processes. However overproduction or under-removal of these free radicals can lead to oxidation, which is a chemical reaction that transfers electrons from a substance to an oxidizing agent, resulting in oxidative stress. Oxidative stress is thought to be involved … More as if you needed another reason to eat cumin

CSA Wednesday

This year, for the first time, we joined a CSA (community supported agriculture). Each Wednesday, for 22 weeks, we get a full box of  deliciousness from Ken Dawson at Maple Spring Farms. Our motivation stemmed largely from the desire to try new foods; our trips to the Farmers’ Market each week typically resulted in a … More CSA Wednesday

tone deaf

Do you remember the film 3 Men and a Baby? Remember the scene where Tom Selleck is reading from a sports magazine as he coos the little girl to sleep (“…the boxer was bloodied and bruised, a piece of his left ear hung by a small flap of skin ready to fall into the ring, … More tone deaf

pretend play

I had a beautifully written post drafted about Eleanor and her entry into imaginary play. And then it somehow, mysteriously, got deleted as Tim and I discussed safe medications for treating congestion during pregnancy. And now it’s 10pm and I’m too tired and (unfortunately) frustrated to try to redraft the whole thing. “Was it long?” … More pretend play

mama bapa

In late March/early May we were fortunate enough to have my parents in town…for a month. I know, some of you might be cringing at the thought, but it was fabulous. They rented an apartment just down the street (a 5 minute walk, maybe less) which meant we  could stop by in the morning to … More mama bapa

Mothers’ Day

I’m generally not one to make a big deal about “holidays” like Valentine’s Day (even though my birthday happens to coincide with it) or Mother’s Day (even though I am one). I feel like we should always be celebrating our moms and our sweethearts, and, although it’s nice to have a special day to remind … More Mothers’ Day

I’m back, baby

Several people have now written to me wondering if I am alright; “You’ve dropped off the planet,” they write. “You’re not blogging. What’s up?” The truth is long, and complicated, and perhaps best saved in its entirety for another post. The short version is this: I’ve been waiting to strike gold; waiting for that big … More I’m back, baby