christmas plea

Well, I put out the call and one person – yes, just one – answered. At least it was the person I was actually calling to by name. Thanks Rebecca. If you’re curious about what I actually ended up planning for Christmas dinner, you can read all about it here. If you could not care … More christmas plea

in rememberance

I’ve been using our recent illnesses as a convenient excuse for not having time to think too long, or too hard, about last week’s tragedy in CT. I’ve listened to updates on NPR, I watched news coverage the day of for a little while, and I get bits of updated information from Tim who is … More in rememberance

deja vu

In my last post (about the recent illnesses in our family) I referenced a post I wrote back in April 2010 about illnesses that had befallen Eleanor and Tim early in our year in Tanzania. My very next post was about finally getting a diagnosis for those illnesses, and how much relief that brought. deja … More deja vu

illness strikes

Eleanor and Oliver are down for the count. They have both oscillated between temps of 99.9 and 103.5 for the last four days. They are coughing, not sleeping, irritable, have lost their appetites, and are on a crap ton of medication for which I have started keeping a log of timing of medication and dosage … More illness strikes