There has been a spate of illness in our house recently: nasty colds with copious amounts of thick green mucus and lots of unproductive coughing. The kids were further hit by high fevers which, although they can be alarming at times, I prefer to (productive or unproductive) coughing any day. Coughing keeps me up at … More creativity


There is a lot of focus on the stories of (intended or unintended) negative consequences of social media – or more accuraltly the way social media is used. Which is why when there’s a positive story, regardless of social media’s role in that story, I think it’s worth sharing. This morning I heard a beautiful … More #CreighTunes

don’t do this

My dear friend is pregnant. I am one of the few people who knows this, at present, although she’s close enough to “the mark” that I imagine she and her husband will start telling others soon (if they’re not already). Today she sent me the following gChat: “hi.” “guess what” And then she proceeded to … More don’t do this

on mothering

Oliver has a bowl of pacifiers that is kept beside his bed so that he can help himself to a new one when one goes missing in the middle of the night. Last night while kissing him good-night I couldn’t find the bowl anywhere. I wondered if he had thrown it somewhere in the room, … More on mothering

a reminder

I’m in Atlanta this week at a conference for The Obesity Society. I got in about 30 hours ago, midway through the week-long conference , and I have yet to attend a session. A couple of years ago, when I couldn’t attend because Oliver was about to burst from my womb, a friend told me … More a reminder