Harmonicas. For Hanukkah.

We made the decision not to go home (to Maine) for Thanksgiving or Christmas this year. As Thanksgiving came closer, I was so relieved not to be packing, getting the house ready to be empty, fighting traffic or fellow air travelers, dealing with (the inevitable) delays – especially given the whether on the East Coast these last few days – and, worst of all, having to decide which set of grandparents got to spend Thanksgiving dinner with us.
And yet when Thanksgiving morning arrived there was part of me that longed to be home – sipping coffee in my parents’ kitchen while the kids ran around wanting their (my parent’s) undivided attention. Which is why I was so grateful to have an invitation to our friends’ house for the dinner meal.

This couple has two boys the same ages as Eleanor and Alice. They – at least the female half of the couple – also happen to be Jewish, so it was especially wonderful to get to spend this Thanksgiving in their company. (As a side note, did anyone else hear the statistic that the next time Thanksgiving and Hanukkah fall on the same day it will be the year 76,811 (or there about)? How crazy is that?)

At one point in the evening Eleanor came to me and said “Mom, can you please help me with the glue?”

“What do you need glue for?” I asked her.

“For the bottle caps. We need nine of them. They hold the candles. We’re making harmonicas. For Hanukkah.”


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