There is a lot of focus on the stories of (intended or unintended) negative consequences of social media – or more accuraltly the way social media is used. Which is why when there’s a positive story, regardless of social media’s role in that story, I think it’s worth sharing.
This morning I heard a beautiful story about #CreighTunes. After the recent tragedy experienced by Virginia senator Creigh Deeds, the wife of his campaign manager decided she wanted to change the headlines the family was seeing associated with their name. Deeds is known for tweeting and posting about the songs he’s listening to at work or on the campaign trail, so Candace Bryan Abbey (@CBryanAbbey) tweeted: “In honor of @CreighDeeds, lets talk music. I feel like a little jimmy buffet could lift my spirits.”. And, as the saying goes, is history.

I love these reminders that humanity is alive and well. And shared widely.



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