There has been a spate of illness in our house recently: nasty colds with copious amounts of thick green mucus and lots of unproductive coughing. The kids were further hit by high fevers which, although they can be alarming at times, I prefer to (productive or unproductive) coughing any day. Coughing keeps me up at night. Fevers, on the other hand, I can generally sleep right through.
Yesterday these illnesses prevented us from taking our routine trip to the grocery store, so while Tim and a reluctant Eleanor headed out to the store and Alice slept, Oliver and I hunkered down to find something to do to entertain ourselves.

Sunday was day four of this illness and two of those days Tim was out of town, which means that I ran out of “ways to entertain ourselves” a long time ago. But in a last ditch effort to enjoy hour 32 in the house, I dusted off my (terrible) British accent and brought a few friends over to Oliver and Eleanor’s restaurant, Marinara.

The monkey was very polite and requested a sandwich and fruit, the gorilla ordered a banana, but Oliver brought him some pizza (which he quickly ate and then climbed onto his plate), and the bear, whose name is Trudi, ended up being just flat our rude. Which Oliver thought was hilarious. Oh, and the pillows, those were Oliver’s idea: the animals needed to sit higher up to the table. Thoughtful, isn’t he?

guests at Marinara restaurant.jpg


monkey orders fruit.jpg

little waiter.jpg


bear needed a pillow.jpg


someone forgets their table manners.jpg

gorilla likes pizza.jpg

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