a reminder

I’m in Atlanta this week at a conference for The Obesity Society. I got in about 30 hours ago, midway through the week-long conference , and I have yet to attend a session. A couple of years ago, when I couldn’t attend because Oliver was about to burst from my womb, a friend told me that she spent the session talking to people rather than listening to talks because that’s what she loved most about these meetings. I decided that in honor of her I’m going to have a “Meghan conference.” So far, it’s been amazing! (Networking: where have you been all my life?)
This afternoon, while talking with a current PhD student about my strategies for writing academic papers I was reminded of something: that I find writing academic papers pretty uninspiring and that  I want to do more writing here, on my own blog. So I came straight back to my hotel and had at it.

I’m also tossing around a couple of ideas for things I could do to get me posting again everyday. I reminded my self that it doesn’t have to be a thorough and thoughtful description that I’ve carefully crafted and molded from something something quotidian to something beautiful. But it does have to be something that gets me looking at the world around me everyday. Something small. Something consistent. I recently wrote about how wasn’t a great creature of habit because I eventually tire of behaviors that I pick up, but this – posting something small everyday – is one that I’d actually like to try to nurture.  Unlike training for a marathon while pregnant, this one actually makes me feel good.

So Meghan and Sam, i owe you a huge debt of gratitude for reminding me of what is important in life. Cheers.



3 thoughts on “a reminder

  1. Hi,Well for me for most of the latter part of my career I went to meetings to talk with old friends, meet their students, and generally smooze. Papers are better read at home, perhaps except those of friends’ students when seeing them presented gives support.


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