all my children

I know that every parent thinks their child is the [insert superlative here]. I’m just falling in line. And here’s the proof. cutest. coolest. smartest.


Birth is never how it’s depicted in the movies; and it’s always how it’s depicted in the movies. My theory is that watching a birth will never feel quite right because each of our experiences are so different, singular in their pace, feel, setting, and mood. My pain is different from your pain, our emotions … More birth

I admire: {myself}

You might recall that several months ago I decided I was going to start a new series writing about people I admire. I thought, with the birth of my second baby, that I would have all kinds of time to ponder this question and wax philosophical about why and what that means for my own … More I admire: {myself}

artistic tendencies

I am not artistically inclined. I have trouble with stick people and my flowers are never more complicated than the classic daisy. I once tried to draw a tulip – that did not go well. I often see works of art – particularly modern works that are, for example, large blocks of color or single … More artistic tendencies

the 4th trimester

Humans have large brains, and proportionately large heads, compared to all other mammals. As such, we are born earlier than we would ideally be – because waiting until we were really ready to come out of the womb would mean we were too big to pass through the birth canal. (Perhaps this goes without speaking, … More the 4th trimester

on gender

While sending a High-5 to Tim on twitter today (he defended his dissertation, so I guess I should have tweeted “sending a High-5 to Dr. Baird”) I came across this story reported on in The Atlantic and published in full here. Researchers at Queen’s University interviewed 2300 faculty, students, staff, and alumni asking “if they … More on gender

happy new year

I don’t like making resolutions that I can’t, or don’t intend, to keep; why set yourself up for failure on day one? So this year I’m keeping my resolutions simple (if there is such a thing): Spend at least 5 minutes each day, alone – breathing. reflecting. Spend at least 5 minutes (hopefully much more) … More happy new year