happy weekend

Since we’ve moved I don’t really find myself as excited by the weekend. Sure, I get to turn off my computer and have the whole day with my kids and husband, but we don’t know what to do with ourselves anymore. Our weekends used to be filled with impromtu dinner parties, play dates at the park, our ritual museum trip and pizza lunch, and (at least in the summer months) hours spent in the pool. Now, our days are just filled with us. I know this will pass and that before long our days will be filled to the brim and we’ll long for the days when we had no plans. I think I’m just a little impatient for that day to come sooner than later.
Here’s to your weekend being filled with exactly what you want it to be.

  • Don’t want to waste your time this weekend with lame projects from Pinterest? Let the Pintester do the experimenting for you.
  • A wonderful commentary on how we ought to be evaluating our kids’ teachers.
  • Bringing wallpaper back into style.
  • And you thought bras were a modern invention?
  • This will be a part of my weekend. And my family will love it.
  • Probably the best way I’ve yet seen to save your child’s art work: Mini Masterpieces from Shutterfly. (Or your own, for that matter!)
  • How awesome! (Just make sure you have insurance.)
  • Yes you were, Jake Gyllenhaal. Yes. You. Were.
  • Brilliant use for that old TV console you have sitting in the garage.
  • Why making friends (out of college) is hard. (Special thanks to my dear friend MS for sharing.) And what to do about it.

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