gathering resources

In an effort to create a strategy forward – through this haze and uncertainty – I’ve picked up two books. One was recommended by a very talented young man who suggested that I would benefit greatly from reading the book. It’s called Rework. What I (already) love about it is that it cuts right to the chase: the books makes its point, gives an example, and moves on. No section is longer than a page and a half, which is just what someone like me – who rarely has more than 15 minutes at a time to read – needs to move through a book.

The second was suggested by my business partner who, I imagine, had a slight panic attack herself when I told her that I had never even read a business book. I’m pretty sure I heard a slight gasp when I said that and she suggested that I read Zero to One, which I promptly made Tim bring home from his office. 

The good news is that these currently sit on my nightstand, ready to be read. The bad news is that the last book I started (The Secret of Happy Families), 7 months ago, is still only half way completed. Wish me luck.

One thought on “gathering resources

  1. Such is the life of a mother of three, ages six and under. These look like good reads! (P.S. Your parents launched a business years ago with little book reading of what to do either. Never seemed to stop us! Maybe the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree?)


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