you know. for kids.

Alice has started engaging us all with her smiles and cooing. She’s started to seem so much more “grown up”, but I think the kids are ready for her to be even bigger – more grown up – than she is. I pretended to have Alice building a block tower with Oliver who thought it was hilarious, and Eleanor is already planning for Alice to wear the clothes that don’t fit her (Eleanor) anymore.
But until she’s ready for throwing balls outside and food at the dinner table, Oliver is doing what he can to keep Alice covered in kisses and Eleanor is doing what she can to help Alice have plenty of opportunity for doing things that a “grown-up kid” would do. Exhibit A is Alice’s car seat: the drawing is for her to look at (“so she doesn’t get lonely”) and the necklace is so that she can practice batting at things.

Aren’t her siblings thoughtful?

car seat entertainment




3 thoughts on “you know. for kids.

  1. Dang those youngen’s are thoughtful, considerate, and CUTE! You’ll want to record these moments in case tensions arise between them as teens . . . which they’ll have plenty “in the bank” to get them through at this rate! Love to you all!


  2. Your blogs make my day. The attention they give Alice is clearly a reflection of how the two of you are with them. I am so proud of how you and Tim are teaching them to be such caring and considerate human beings. Love you all Mom


  3. They both are SOOO sweet with her. I find it humbling sometimes. I feel like they’re teaching me how to be with her.


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