family photo, take 2

We might…maybe…meet the goal of taking one family photo per year. If we’re lucky. We made it just under the wire this time, since it’s been {barely} less than a year since our last family photo. (You know what’s funny about that one? I was pregnant with Alice and didn’t know it. Hilarious.)
Once again, the impetus for the photo was to update them at daycare, and once again it took a little longer than we expected. Which we actually expected. None of them are necessarily just right, but at least one is enough right. Why do I feel that I must share family photos with everyone? Filler. Pure filler.

family photo take 2_1

Not quite.

family photo take 2_2Nope.

family photo take 2_5

Er… photo take 2_6doh.

family photo take 2_4finally. and now, for the sisters.

family photo take 2_7 family photo take 2_8 ` family photo take 2_10 `family photo take 2_13{and those were just right}

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