an observation

Over the last few days in France, I have eaten comparatively little. In fact, on Sunday, I had only eaten a crepe by 3:00 pm. The thing is, I wan’t hungry. I was walking all over Paris, and not hungry. In fact, I felt very healthy. I don’t mean to suggest that not eating is healthy, but rather that I found myself not as hungry as usual and it was easy to eat only when I was hungry and only until I was full. Typically, by 3:00 pm I would have already eaten breakfast, a mid-morning snack, lunch and more than likely a mid-afternoon snack as well. 

Today, after eating what I had the last several mornings, a croissant and plain yogurt, at 7:00 am, I sat down to listen to Tim’s conference presentation. Within minutes of being in this room – a familiar environment given my history with conferences – I was famished. Stomach growling, light-headed kind of famished.

There are surly numerous reasons why this happened, perhaps the most obvious of which is that my body is finally realizing that i’ve been under feeding it for days. But a piece of me can’t help but think that it’s a reflex: that for years I was in this kind of environment which was not healthy for me, and that I had unhealthy habits as a result (eating out of boredom). 

It;s probably not, a reflex I mean, but still, it’s an observation…


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