Things I love: handbags from Paris

I put a lot of thought into my first diaper bag, especially after the first couple of weeks using the freebie cloth bag we came home from the hospital with (yes, I was one of those people who did not already have a diaper bag when the baby was born…we were lucky just to have the car seat installed). My criteria were as follows:

  1. It had to close: The one the hospital gave us had no way of staying shut on top, so every time I bent over with it on my shoulder something- sometimes everything– fell out.
  2. Tim and I both had to be willing to be seen with it: I was not going to be the only one toting that thing around, and I did not want to insult is masculinity.
  3. It HAD to be durable: It would be traveling with us to Africa and back. Durability was a must.

In reality these were mostly just excuses because what I knew I wanted, and felt the need to justify, was a diaper bag (and matching changing pad) from Holly Aiken. {“Oh, honey, isn’t it fortunate that Holly’s bags meet or exceed all three of the criteria I’ve carefully and justly outlined for selecting the best diaper bag possible?”} This bag has completely¬† held up its end of the bargain too (especially when it comes to durability, so it was absolutely worth the price tag.

But… (I know, I know. After all that there’s a ‘but’?) …it’s a little big. Especially now that I’m not carrying around snacks and bottles and bulky cloth diapers and wipes and toys and pacifiers (okay, I never carried those) and all the other crap necessities that you somehow end up carrying when you have an infant and a giant bag (in which it all fits). These days I find myself wanting something a little more demure; a little less obvious.

Enter Ikabags {sigh}; handmade – of stunning fabrics including wool, tweed, canvas and cloth- in Paris {sigh} by designer and artisan Feyza Demirtas. Stylish, versatile, and Parisian… could a girl be so lucky?



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