the first few days

It’s true. The first few days of a new baby’s life are truly the most magical. And I’m so grateful that this time around I am confident enough, aware enough, practiced enough (?) to really be able to enjoy them.
When Eleanor was born I was tired and a little overwhelmed (“what do I do now?!”) and way outside my element. Her first few days were somewhat of a blur, and while each day I enjoyed getting to know her I wasn’t aware of just how precious those early days are. This time around, with my little Oliver, I feel that I have the energy and ability to pay attention and really appreciate them for what they are- beautiful, fleeting moments of innocence.

For all new parents, or soon to be parents: (if you can manage) try to remember take a moment. Step back. And just watch your little one. Listen to their little noises; their squeaks and moans and cries. Watch them learn how to move their mouths, use their fingers. Watch them watch you- study you – get to know you. Smell them; their hair, their breath, their belly. They – your children and these moments – are amazing.


5 thoughts on “the first few days

  1. Exactly how I felt with my son. With Ella I also had this thing in the back of my mind that I was supossed to be putting her down (awake so she would learn to sleep, and asleep so she would learn to be alone). But I didn’t want to so was constantly fighting this battle in my head.
    When Ethan came along I just held him. Awake, asleep, whatever. I just held him as much as I could.
    Enjoy 🙂


  2. And don’t forget about their tiny fists wrapped around your finger. The moments are so precious and fleeting. Glad you are getting to enjoy them.


  3. Congratulations, Kiyah and family! Oliver is precious, and you are so right that the first few days are pretty incredible. Of course they’ll all be a blur too, but I vividly remember smelling and nuzzling Lucy pretty much the whole first week. It really is like falling in love, only more!


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