heavy lifting

When I was younger – like in high school younger – I regularly rearranged my room.  There wasn’t much I could do in my 10X12 foot space, but moving the bed between the two walls on which it would fit and replacing the nicknacks from my dresser with ones from the shelf made it feel, a little bit, like a new room. The rearranging would usually take me ALL DAY, though, because my furniture was monstrous (I had one of those beds with a huge wooden frame and two drawers underneath, no box spring) and the room tiny. And what usually happened was that I would get something moved into place, step back to evaluate, decide that I didn’t like it there, and have to start all over again.
If only I had known about this, handy little site (although, to my credit, I’m sure it didn’t exist at that point). I could have let it do all the heavy lifting for me.

Room Planner: It lets you customize the size and shape of your room and experiment different furniture arrangements. Cool, right?




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