Eleanor’s art gallery

I wrote recently about setting up (or rather not setting up) a dedicated nursery. Like I said, it wasn’t so much as a lack of interest as a lack of space (and a real sense of need). Our condo is roughly 950-1000 ft2, split between two floors. We have two bedrooms and when Eleanor was born one was our office/guest room/storage room. Particularly for books. We have a lot of books.
While living in Tanzania Eleanor transitioned from our bed to her own and since she would not sleep in a crib she went straight into a “big girl” bed. So, when we returned, we had to transform our multipurpose second bedroom into a toddler’s paradise. Only trouble was we had so much stuff in there, again, mostly books, and no place else to put them that we couldn’t move them all out to fully transition it to entirely her own room.

Truth is, though, it’s more just books that . Her “kid things” co-mingle with our “adult” things all over the room. Like our African stone sculpture and her tempra paints…

and my old immunology and biochemistry text books (okay, still books) with her plastic animal figurines.

There are signs that a child resides there, however.

As I’ve written before, one of her favorite things to do is paint and draw at her easel.

The other day, she went on a spree and there were paintings drying all over her room (which I love) but we were running out of places to hang them – and running out of people to whom we could send the paintings- so Tim and Eleanor decided it was time to more “formally” display her work. “Should we hang your paintings in your room?” Tim asked her. Eleanor’s eyes got wide as she contemplated this idea. “Yeah,” she exclaimed jumping around the room. “Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!”

I could hardly get a picture of her standing still.

It’s nothing fancy (they are hung with boxing tape), but they are hers and she gets to look at them every morning while in bed and she couldn’t be more proud.


2 thoughts on “Eleanor’s art gallery

  1. It was so cool to see how excited she got about this. We should do the same with her tests and quizzes when the time comes – regardless of the grades.


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