How long can I safely keep my kids living in a bubble? This was the cover the the College newspaper today:

Speaking as an outsider, I realize you can’t keep them safe forever; at best you can hope to instill in them a sense of pride in their bodies, respect for themselves and others, and fearlessness at being unlike others – all in the hopes that they will say No, or at least know their limits, when it comes to substance abuse. Speaking as a mother, though, this terrifies me.


4 thoughts on “bubble

    1. I hope that there is not a SINGLE individual out there who things that you are doing anything but kidding. I’m just saying, sarcasm doesn’t read well…


  1. Yeah, I remember the days of losing sleep (sometimes literally) over this as ya’ll grew up . . . it STINKS knowing that eventually you have to “turn loose” your most cherished possessions to find their own way. While there are no guarantees, I DO KNOW that you’re providing the kinds of foundations Ms. E. and Mr. O. need to have the best odds. That’s what I finally decided my goal was as a parent–trying to provide the BEST ODDS for you all; after that, it was time to let go and trust. And Tim, Pepsi is okay in small doses however . . .


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